T1 – Business and entrepreneurship strategy for new opportunities in tourism

The tourism sector is dynamically developing with strong competition at both regional and international level. With the planned Business and Entrepreneurship Strategy for New Opportunities in tourism, the project recognizes this dynamics and will provide an up-to-date tool for developing the potential and increasing the competitiveness of local business and entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. The strategy aims to support business and entrepreneurship in the use of natural resources and cultural heritage in the target regions by presenting new development alternatives in line with current trends in tourism development. Tourism experts from the region of each of the partners (excluding the responsible for the activity) will collect data on the current status of tourist sites, products and services, natural resources and cultural heritage in the target regions. When developing the strategy , the data will be explored to analyze the opportunities and potential of regions to develop new, alternative and perspective tourism products and services. Data analysis and strategy preparation will be carried out by experts from the partner responsible for the activity – P4 "Dunarea de Jos" University of Calati– a partner with extensive experience and expertise in strategy development.
The strategy will help both local businesses and entrepreneurs as well as local and regional authorities to effectively plan their activities in the tourism sector. It can be used to develop seamless integrated regional and cross-border tourist packages.
The strategy will be printed in Romanian, Bulgarian and Georgian for the needs of the target groups. It will be uploaded on the projects site.
The strategy will be presented to representatives of the target groups and stakeholders at meetings organized in each of the four partner regions.
The preparation of the strategy will contribute to the achievement of a specific objective 1 – Jointly enhancing the capacity and development of alternatives to business and entrepreneurship from the target regions.