T3 – Organization of cultural events for promotion of tourist destinations

Well organized, large-scale local cultural events are sought after by tourists to support the tourism business and entrepreneurship from the accompanying tourism activities. Particularly when they are traditional, these events can be included in tourist routes or in plans for visiting unorganized tourists. The project envisages organizing and conducting 4 festivals for authentic culture and crafts in each of the countries where partners are involved in the project. Responsible for the festivals will be the partners - SATEAN Foundation, Avren Municipality, IBDIPC - Georgia and Stauceni Municipality for Moldova. During the days of the festivals, traditional crafts and arts will be demonstrated. In the evening, an authentic local folklore will be presented. Part of the necessary activities for the holding of the festivals (provision of stage, tents, sound and lighting, broad publicity will be outsourced, and within the project support is provided for the transportation and accommodation of the participants living outside the settlement. 50 participants (representing the traditional culture, crafts, arts, folklore) for each festival for the festivals in Romania, Georgia and Moldova and 100 participants at the international festival in the municipality of Avren.  Avren municipality has organized and held 3 similar festivals for the past 5 years, and the cultural event has been launched within the framework of a project under the National Operational Program "Regional Development". The experience of our partner allows us to plan in the Avren Municipality to be an international festival with the participation of groups of traditional crafts, arts or authentic folklore from the regions of the partners from Romania, Georgia and Moldova. The selection of participants from the partner regions will be carried out by the relevant project partners. At their discretion, partners may include in the groups the coordinator or expert to exchange experience and successfully carry out project activities in their own region. The plans of the municipality are to turn the festival into a traditional annual one, which will increase the attractiveness of the municipality as a tourist destination and will benefit the local business and entrepreneurship of the tourist sector. The holding of the planned international festival will be an important step in achieving this goal. Information and photos from the festivals will be uploaded to the project site. Their organization will be subcontracted. The implementation of this  activitie will contribute to the achievement of specific objective 2 - Increasing the diversity and attractiveness of tourist products and services in the Black Sea basin area.