T4 – New tourism products and services development

The great competition in the tourism sector implies the need to constantly increase the diversity and quality of tourism products and services. To increase the attractiveness of their regions as tourist destinations, project partners - (Satean Foundation, Avren Municipality, International Business Devolopment and Investment Centre, Stauceni Municipality) will develop one integrated tourism product, each for their region. Integrated tourism products will combine various tangible and intangible components of the respective territory and elements of different types of tourism - eco, cultural, rural, adventure, sports and others. Responsible for the activity partner - The University of Galati, will develop a cross-border integrated tourist product, including destinations from partner countries. Travel agencies, tour operators, businesses and tourism entrepreneurs will be the main sources of information on exploring existing tourism products, the region's capabilities and the needs of the beneficiaries. To disseminate results and promote integrated products, brochures will be produced with information on the regions and the products developed. The project site will present the regional and cross-border integrated tourism products in the language of each partner organization as well as in English. This activity contributes to the achievement of the specific objective 2 - Increasing the diversity and attractiveness of tourist products and services in the Black Sea basin area.





The new integrated cross-border tourist product